Academic Services

  • The IT Support Center provides support for a number of services related to the academic mission of the university.

  • Test Scoring Service
    IUP provides an optical-scanning test-scoring service for university faculty.
    Project Directory Service
    The Project Directory Service (PDS) is a network resource that provides "project" disk space for each individual course-section offered during the current academic semester.
    Student Home Directory Service
    The student home directory provides 2 gb of disk space for each student to save documents, images, portfolios, etc.
    Plagiarism Detection and Prevention
    To assist instructors in detecting plagiarism in student work, and to protect students from plagiarism, IUP subscribes to the Turnitin service, funded through technology fees.
    Streaming Media Service
    Students, faculty and staff can publish audio and video files on a web site using Windows Media Services.
    IUP Learning Management System
    I-Click is IUP's student response system powered by TurningPoint software.
    Desire2Learn D2L
    Information on Indiana University of Pennsyvania’s learning management system, called Desire2Learn.
    Request Student Pictures Service
    The Request Student Pictures Service was created at the request of ACPAC to provide authorized faculty members with photos of students in their courses.
    Virtual Computer Lab VCL
    The Virtual Computer Lab (VCL) provides remote access to software applications found on the PCs in the public computer labs.