Specialized Resource Rooms

  • The Office of Housing, Residential Living, and Dining has many specialty rooms available to be reserved. See the Use and Scheduling of Public Space for reservation details.

    Delaney Hall 

    • 225  - English Resource Room - Offers access to a variety of writing resources and literature.
    • 227  - Criminology Resource Room - Offers access to literature in the field of criminology and law enforcement.
    • 325 - Multicultural Suite - Offers a variety of resources regarding multiculturalism and diversity. 
    • 327 - Women’s Studies Resource Room - Celebrates the LGBTQIA community and offers a variety of historical, academic, and educational resources.

      Northern Suites

      • 206 - Collaborative Learning Space
      • 302 - Science Resource Room
      • 306 - Math and Computer Technology Resource Room
      • 402 - Human Anatomy and Psychology Resource Room
      • 406 - Space Resource Room
        • These are great spaces for study groups or individual quiet working spaces. These spaces are left unlocked and are able to be used by students at any time.

      Stephenson Hall

      • 202 - Business Resource Room -  Business-orientated space that offers access to business- and management-related books and resources.
      • 402 Transition Success Room - Equipped to support students who are new to the Indiana campus, with a focus on second-year students who have transitioned from IUP’s regional campuses. 

      Suites on Pratt

      • 302 - Leadership Resource Room

      Ruddock Hall

      • 306 Ruddock - Education Resource Room - Lending library of children’s/young adult books, Cricut brand machines, paper cutters, trimmers, and edging scissors and lamination machine.
      • 402 Ruddock - Mindfulness Rooms - Offers opportunity to free your mind, quiet your thoughts, and relax in one of the quiet rooms.

      Suites on Maple East

      • 306 Maple East - Health and Wellness Room - Equipped with a life-size skeleton, human torso with removable parts, scale, body fat analyzer, and blood pressure cuff.
      • 402 Maple East - Mindfulness Room - Offers opportunity to free your mind, quiet your thoughts, and relax in one of the quiet rooms.

      Wallwork Hall

      • G49 - Spanish Language Resource Room - Study/meeting space equipped with many Spanish magazines and art pieces.
      • 387A and 387B - Asian Studies Resource Room - Celebrate Asian cultures and Asian art pieces; equipped with a projector and computer.