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Living Learning Goals and Outcomes

  • Community

    Develop a purposeful, open, just, disciplined, caring, and celebrative community (Boyer, 1990).

    • Through active membership in their residential community, students will enhance their capacity to:
      • meaningfully interact with peers, staff, and faculty
      • contribute to and respect established community standards
      • understand and appreciate human and cultural differences
      • live cooperatively with others
      • participate in leadership activities
      • understand civic responsibilities in a global community

    Learning and Development

    Provide a living-learning community that nurtures students’ intellectual, personal, occupational, and social learning and development.

    • Through active participation in residential learning experiences, students will further develop their ability to:
      • understand curricular concepts, resources, and policies that contribute to academic success and occupational goals
      • identify and remediate personal risk factors that limit success
      • engage in self-reflection and self-discovery
      • practice effective personal health and well-being

    Facilities and Services

    Provide attractive, comfortable, safe, and well-maintained facilities.

    • Students living on campus will have:
      • a variety of living options with design features that support learning and development
      • an administrative support structure that delivers services and assistance in an efficient and effective fashion
      • suitable facilities that meet or exceed all local, regional, and national maintenance, custodial, and life-safety standards
      • technology that supports engagement, learning, and sustainability

    Boyer, E. (1990). Campus life: In search of community. San Francisco, CA: Jossey-Bass.