Education and Communications Living-Learning Community

  • LLC highlights

    • Live in close proximity to the College of Education and Communications. 
    • Share experiences with fellow residents and upperclassmen in your college/major concerning how to navigate the processes in becoming an education professional.
    • Join major and career specific organizations that meet such as NAEYC (National Association for the Education of Young Children) and CEC (Council for Exceptional Children).

     Clusters in this LLC

    • Communications Media
    • Education
    • Access to specialized equipment in your hall.
      • Education majors can take advantage of the Education Resource Room in Ruddock Hall with Cricut Cutters, lamination machines, and a lending library.
      • Communication media majors can sign out a video camera, tripod, lighting, and other equipment for video production, and then go to CommEd Studios located on the fourth floor of Ruddock Hall to edit your video.  

    Resource Rooms

  • Education and Communications Media Partners

    Vicky Oritz

    Assistant Chairperson
    Department of Communications Media

    Kara Romance

    Teacher Education Adviser/Filed-Based Instructor