Education and Communications Living-Learning Community

The Education and Communications Living-Learning Community is located in Ruddock Hall, where students develop academic and social bonds with their peers and meet their professors from the College of Education and Communications outside of the classroom setting.

LLC highlights

  • Live in close proximity to the College of Education and Communications.
  • Share experiences with fellow residents and upperclassmen in your college/major concerning how to navigate the processes in becoming an education professional.
  • Join major and career specific organizations that meet such as NAEYC (National Association for the Education of Young Children) and CEC (Council for Exceptional Children).

Clusters in this LLC

  • Communications Media
  • Education
  • Access to specialized equipment in your hall.
    • Education majors can take advantage of the Education Resource Room in Ruddock Hall with Cricut Cutters, lamination machines, and a lending library.
    • Communication media majors can sign out a video camera, tripod, lighting, and other equipment for video production, and then go to CommEd Studios located on the fourth floor of Ruddock Hall to edit your video.

Resource Rooms

Education and Communications Media Partners

Vicky Oritz

Assistant Chairperson
Department of Communications Media

Kara Romance

Teacher Education Adviser/Filed-Based Instructor