Business Living-Learning Community

The Business Living-Learning Community is located in Stephenson Hall, which is only a few short steps from the Eberly College of Business. In this community, students are encouraged to collaborate as tomorrow's future leaders, discussing diverse perspectives to challenge their own understanding.

LLC highlights:

  • Work directly with the faculty in the Eberly College of Business.
  • Discuss current events as they affect the global economy and business market
  • Access information regarding internship opportunities.
  • Participate in programs to develop your interview skills.
  • Gain practical insight into the world from successful business professionals.
  • Access to resources within the Business Resource Room, including textbooks, articles, and periodicals.
  • Live in a community housing over 100 other students studying within the Eberly College of Business.

Resource Rooms

Business Partners

Terry Appolonia

Assistant Dean, Eberly College of Business

Joseph Rosendale

Assistant Professor, Department of Management

Veronica Paz

Associate Professor, Department of Accounting

Robert Buchanan

Associate Professor, Department of Management