How You Can Help

  • Let us know in the Alumni Participation Form what you would like to do.

    Let Them Pick Your Brain

    Do you know about a job opening? Have experience getting into a particular graduate or professional school? Know the ropes about getting into a particular career track? Let us put you on our list by major or job so alumni or CHC seniors can contact you. Send us job openings to post on our job board (no one will read it if you don’t send us jobs!)

    Connect with Other ARQ Speakers in Your Region

    Help us build a list of where CHC alumni are living across the country. We would love to see regional events occur at least two or three times a year. Whether it is a happy hour after work or a softball game on a Saturday afternoon, we need your ideas and energy.

    Mentor an Intern

    A few summers ago, CHC alumnus Tom Bogacz approached his company about offering internships to Honors College students. He had to virtually beg them to do so. CHC students did so well that we now have an internship with his company every summer.

    Melissa Swindel alerted us to her organization’s need for an intern. One of our students applied and was hired. The combination of professional and personal support Melissa provided made a tremendous difference in the intern’s confidence.

    Recruit a Prospective Student

    Whether you have just a little time or a bit more, there’s a way to help shape the next generation of the CHC community. Do you have a relative or friend you think might be a good fit for the CHC? Send us a name and contact information. You could represent the CHC at a high school or college recruitment fair in your area. You could call students in your major who have been admitted to CHC (but are still deciding whether to come here) to congratulate them and answer questions.

    Make a Gift 

    You get a thank you note from an HC student instead of a phone call during your favorite TV show. Whether you put $10, $100, or $1,000 on your debit card, your dollars will help someone afford that internship so critical to getting a job or the French major who desperately needs a semester in France. With the rapid increase in college costs, CHC students need your help now more than ever.

    We want to hear from you if you are interested in any of the activities below or have ideas of your own—the Alumni Participation Form.