Program Evaluation and Applied Research (PEAR) Lab

Professor Kalani Palmer leads the Program Evaluation and Applied Research (PEAR) Lab, which utilizes theory, empirical evidence, and research methods to address issues relevant for youth and families.

Our goal is to bridge the gap between research and practice in an effort to improve both academic and developmental outcomes for youth and families.

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In addition to the PEAR Lab, CDFR connects research to practice in coursework. In our Adolescence: Risk & Resiliency course, students learn how to investigate current issues relevant for youth and visually present the data as an infographic. Infographics are an effective communication tool, and having the skills to develop an infographic creates a competitive edge for our students on the job market.

Some examples of student work in this course are displayed. The target audience for these infographics are professionals working with youth. However, students were able to target youth or parents of youth as well.

Poster: Cyber Bullying with Adolescents Poster: Homeless Youth Poster: Human Trafficking and Youth