Internship Opportunities

Serena Haeuser

Internship opportunities are available in the Human Development and Family Science, Fashion Merchandising, and Interior Design programs. While our faculty have great industry connections and will guide students as much as possible, it may also take responsibility from the student to find exactly what they are looking for and make their own connections when necessary.

Here are some quick internship facts:

  • Every 40 hours of work = 1 credit
  • An "Internship Application" needs to be filled out by the student. These forms can be picked up at our main office location, Ackerman 207.
  • IUP needs to have an internship agreement with the site. If an agreement does not currently exist, we will assist you in getting one in place. This must be approved 45 days prior to the start of the internship and can take several weeks to complete.

Each program has an internship coordinator. If you have any further questions regarding the internship process, please contact the appropriate coordinator.

Human Development and Family Science

Dr. Kalani Palmer
Ackerman Hall, Room 113A


Fashion Merchandising

Dr. Eun Jin Hwang
Ackerman Hall, Room 209


Interior Design

Dr. Susan Venatta
Ackerman Hall, Room 205A