Majors in Human Development

Student working with young children in a daycare

Make a Difference in the Lives of Children, Youth, and Families

In this field, you'll shape young lives in the community for years to come. Because professional opportunities available to you can cover family interactions and all ages of development, your coursework is comprehensive. You'll learn from professors who are experts in the field, take part in large and small group discussions, work on solo and group projects, and explore careers with field trips and hands-on experience helping infants and preschoolers.

Work Toward Certification

You can take advantage of internships in over 50 agencies and programs. You'll also work toward eligibility for certificates for careers in private pre-schools or kindergartens, as well as Head Start and childcare programs. Obtain your Private School Nursery-Kindergarten Certification if interested.

With your Human Development and Family Science, BS degree, you can also apply to graduate schools in counseling, adult education, social work, human development, family studies, marriage and family therapy, juvenile justice, early childhood education, and related fields.

Human Development and Family Science, BS

Family Specialist Track

  • Embrace all aspects of childhood development, family dynamics, and full-lifespan programs so that your professional choices are broad and fulfilling.
  • Develop teaching skills.

Infant/Toddler Mental Health Track

  • Grasp the keys to administering child and family advocacy programs.
  • Specialize in the mental development of infants, toddlers, and young children.

Child Life Track

  • Prepare for positions in health settings.
  • Delve deeper into understanding child development and the approaches for different stages.

Minor in Child Development and Family Relations

  • Enrich your coursework in another discipline by broadening your understanding and support of human development and family relationship issues.
  • Complement your major in sociology, psychology, nursing, deaf education, family and consumer sciences, and criminology, among others.

Special Scholarships

TheHuman Development and Family Science program offers 10 endowed scholarships of $500 to $1,000 each. Here's more information about endowed scholarships.