What You Can Do with Your Degree Fashion Merchandising

Two Fashion Merchandising alumnae at the store in New York where they both work "IUP's Fashion Merchandising program has been a huge aid in getting me to this point in my career. I consistently use information I learned in textiles, ready to wear analysis, and other Fashion Merchandising classes in my everyday profession," said Christi Reuter '16 (at left), executive assistant to the creative director at Lafayette 148 New York. Fellow alumna Hannah O'Malley '16 added, "my knowledge of fabrics, the construction of clothing, and the fashion cycle is critical in my daily success. It's great to have peace of mind knowing I am well prepared for the future."

Experience Fashion Awareness and Business Brand Development

Garment manufacturers, wholesalers, and retail stores may be a good place to begin a career. High-end clothing boutiques and fashion designers also need skilled personnel. Your fashion merchandising degree opens many doors. Tailor your career any way you wish.

Employment is one path, and entrepreneurial zeal is another. Many exemplary careers have been launched by opening an online store, for example. This choice allows you to blend fashion merchandising skills while also controlling the development of a personal brand.


With a BS in Fashion Merchandising from IUP, consider these positions:

  • Entry-level management trainee
  • Executive/merchandising trainee leading toward positions of buyers/merchandise manager
  • Allocation specialist
  • Visual merchandiser
  • Technical design and production assistant
  • Manufacturer's sales representative
  • Regional brand merchandiser
  • Ready-to-wear quality control analyst
  • Textile testing laboratory technician
  • Museum curator assistants
  • Personal color consultant
  • Personalized shopping specialist
  • Owner of a small business