Institutional Review Board for the Protection of Human Subjects

  • The Institutional Review Board for the Protection of the Human Subjects (IRB) is the regulatory body of IUP that is responsible for the review of research that involves human participants. The purpose of IRBs nationally is to protect participants in research as well as to protect researchers conducting research involving human participants.

    This webpage and its associated links are designed to provide a comprehensive resource for investigators. We hope that this information helps you create the best possible research that meets your academic goals while safeguarding the well-being of the persons who participate in your work.

    Please feel free to use contact information provided throughout this webpage to get more information or clarification. You should also feel free to provide feedback about the usefulness of this webpage at any time. The IRB at IUP is engaged in ongoing efforts to collaborate with investigators to enhance the responsiveness of IRB educational and consultative efforts. For additional information, contact us by e-mail at

    IRB Meeting Dates 
    Protocol submission deadlines for IRB review during academic year 2009–2010 are listed.

    IRB Guidelines 
    Guidelines and documents for the Institutional Review Board process are provided.

    IRB Forms and Application Instructions 
    Forms are provided for students, faculty, and staff seeking Institutional Review Board for the Protection of Human Subjects (IRB) approval.

    IRB Training 
    This website offers a free course on human protection in research.

    Classroom Research 
    Guidelines are provided for classroom research/student research projects.

    Who Serves on the IRB? 
    Members of IUP’s Institutional Review Board

    For More Information 
    A list of additional websites with IRB information

    News and Events 
    News articles about IRB policy-making are provided.

    Model Protocols and Consent Forms
    Sample protocols to be used as reference materials for investigators