Keeping Competitive

  • Phone and E-mail Communications

    A quick response is essential when turning a recruit into a student. In fact, studies have shown that following up with someone requesting more information within an hour can vastly improve conversion rates. As a result, it is important to answer phone calls or e-mails from prospective students in a timely fashion (within 24–48 hours). Please e-mail Eberly College meeting with the Executive In Residenceany direct inquiries that you may have received via phone or e-mail, including:

    • the recruit’s name,
    • program of study,
    • his or her e-mail address

    to the Admissions office at, so that his or her information may be loaded into Hobsons Connect and become a part of our automated communications plan immediately.

    When responding via e-mail, remember:

    • We try to keep these short, and the focus is on you (the prospective student) and not about us (the faculty, the managers, the university). Talking about us doesn’t work. We talk about what we can do for you and why you should come here. 
    • It is helpful for you to know what is sent and when. For example, you, as the coordinator, do not need to talk about financial aid because that is covered in an e-mail that is being sent. 
    • Your e-mails are the ones that are most important for you to review. If you have edits to your e-mails, please send them to
    • Of course, e-mails that are not from you cannot be edited or deleted. If you see something wrong there, please e-mail

    Information Meetings and Tour Information

    If you are speaking with a prospective recruit who has interest in a tour, or if you would like assistance in coordinating a tour, please contact the Admissions office for assistance at