Early Admission Information

  • For Faculty Advisors and Graduate Program Coordinators

    What is early graduate admission?

    An opportunity for current, qualifying IUP undergraduate students to take graduate classes while still enrolled at IUP at the undergraduate level. Students participating in the program can apply up to 40 percent of graduate credits earned toward both degrees.  For more information go to the Graduate Catalog, University Policies.

    Who can apply for early graduate admission?

    Undergraduate students with at least a 3.25 GPA along with a minimum of 15 credit hours completed in their undergraduate major are eligible for early graduate admission.

    Students are eligible to apply for Early Admission in the semester in which they will earn their 90th credit.

    How do students apply for early admission?

    • Complete the Online Application (please have students use promo code GFM to waive the $50 application fee).
    • Students should select Graduate as the Academic Level.
    • Under Admission Term, students will select the term which falls immediately after their undergraduate graduation date. For example, if they graduate in May 2020, they would apply for the Summer or Fall 2020 term.
    • In the Additional section of the online application, students should select that they are “currently an IUP undergraduate student,” “interested in pursuing graduate courses as an undergraduate student,” and select “Graduate Early Admission” as the Early Admit Type. Then, they will select the first term during which the student would like to begin taking graduate classes.
    • Students will then upload all of their supporting documentation on their IUP Admissions Profile.
      • In addition to supporting documents listed, early admission students will need to complete the Course Outline for Early Admission IForm. This form is designed to be discussed with the students undergraduate and graduate advisors, in order to map your course sequence. Once completed by the advisors, the form will make its way to the A-Dean of the college in which the student is an undergrad, Financial Aid, Registrar, and Graduate Admission.
      • If students need to make changes to this form at any time, please have them re-submitted by going to iForms.
    • Once all supplemental items are received, the completed applications will be sent to the graduate program coordinator/committee for a final graduate admission decision.


    Please encourage students to visit our student-focused Early Graduate Admissions page for a list of graduate programs participating in Early Admission.

    Please contact Graduate Admissions at graduate-admissions@iup.edu or 724-357-2222 with any questions.