Early Admission Information

  • For Faculty Advisors and Graduate Program Coordinators

    Undergraduate students at IUP can get a head start on their graduate education by applying for early admission. Qualifying students can take graduate classes while still enrolled at IUP as undergraduates, and can apply up to 40 percent of graduate credits earned toward both degrees.

    Who can apply for early graduate admission?

    Undergraduate students with at least a 3.25 GPA along with a minimum of 15 credit hours completed in their undergraduate major are eligible for early graduate admission.

    Students are eligible to apply for Early Admission in the semester in which they will earn their 90th credit.

    How do students apply for early admission?

    Students complete a graduate application , bypassing the requirement of a completed bachelor’s degree at the time of application. Applicants are prompted to note their intention to apply for Early Admission on the digital application form:

    IUP Early Admission on Graduate Application

    Completed applications for Early Admission are reviewed by the graduate program coordinator/committee for a final graduate admission decision.

    What are next steps if a student is approved for Early Admission? 

    Both undergraduate and graduate advisors receive a copy of the admission letter sent to the student. The student also receives a Course Outline for Early Admission via e-mail, which is designed to be discussed with undergraduate and graduate advisors, in order to map their undergraduate and graduate course sequence. Additional signatures on the Course Outline for Early Admission include the Office of Financial Aid and dean of the college in which the student is an undergraduate major.

    Visit our student-focused Early Graduate Admissions page for a list of graduate programs participating in Early Admission.

    All questions about Early Graduate Admissions should be directed to Paula Stossel in Graduate Admissions: pstoss@iup.edu