CRM Recruit (iRecruit) Resources

  • Learn more about CRM Recruit (also known as iRecruit), the new admissions software for all master’s degree and doctoral programs at IUP.

    As of June 30, 2016, all potential graduate students will progress through the admissions software CRM Recruit on their way to becoming students at IUP. Coordinators can use it to view and reach out to students who have inquired about or applied to their program. The software also replaces the former DR Forms, as all admission/rejection decisions have to be made digitally through CRM Recruit.

    You can access the software from anywhere on campus at For an introduction to CRM Recruit, and how you can review and make decisions on applications for your program, download this tutorial:

    Setup, Overview, and Reviewing Applications

    For assistance with using CRM Recruit, please contact Seth Erwin, technology manager for Admissions Operations, at