School of Graduate Studies and Research Budget

  • Graduate Fee

    During the Fall semester, the SGSR transfers ESF (Graduate Fee) dollars directly into departmental ESF accounts. Coordinators are notified by the Graduate Dean’s office when the funds have been transferred and the amount*. Academic Affairs provides more information about Graduate Services Fee and also Graduate Fee guidelines.

    Procurement services provides an online "How to Purchase Supplies, Equipment, and Services" that includes information about SAP navigation, entering requisitions, and more.

    *The formula is that which is used for GA calculations.

    Marketing Funding Requests

    Each summer, graduate coordinators may submit a funding request to the office of Graduate Marketing and Recruitment for budget items that are specifically connected to recruiting new students. These items may include a number of funding opportunities:

    • Printing costs of promotional materials
    • Online ad placements on relevant websites 
    • Advertising campaigns on social media, such as Facebook and LinkedIn
    • E-mail lists purchased from GRE or TOEFL for targeted e-mail marketing 
    • and more.

    To learn more about funding requests, contact Simon Stuchlik, director of Marketing, for additional information:

    Research Funding

    Review detailed information about internal and external funding opportunities.