• This form is to be used to apply for eligibility to teach doctoral and/or master’s courses and/or participate as a committee member on dissertation and/or thesis committees. 

    • Once completed by the faculty member, the application for eligibility to teach graduate courses will be submitted to the department’s Graduate Review Committee, which will be responsible for reviewing and verifying the information contained in the application.
    • The Graduate Review Committee’s recommendations, along with the application and appropriate supporting materials, will be forwarded to the department chair, who will review and render an individual recommendation.
    • The application is then forwarded to the School of Graduate Studies and Research dean, who will make the final decision.
    • Notes Regarding Signatures/Approvals
      • There must be three (3) different signatures at the department level (applicant, Graduate Review Committee chair, and department chair).
      • Department chairs may not sign as an applicant and as department chair. Department chairs should seek the approval signature from their academic dean or a senior member of the program faculty. Similarly, Graduate Review Committee chairs should have another member of the committee sign the application to represent the Graduate Review Committee.

    Final approval by the dean of the School of Graduate Studies and Research renders the applicant eligible to teach graduate courses. However, final teaching assignments for graduate courses will continue to rest with the department chairperson and the dean of the college.

    Please follow this link for the application for eligibility to teach graduate courses.