A map of mine tunnels

What's Happening for Geography Graduate Students

Geography, geology, environment, and planning graduate students can engage in campus activities.

Mine Mapping Project

The core mission of the IUP Institute for Mine Mapping, Archival Procedures, and Safety (IMAPS) is to develop a locus of knowledge and expertise in archiving, digitally recording, and geographically referencing historical coal mine maps, as well as initiating new mine safety protocols based on the existence of digital map data products. As a geography graduate student, you can become involved in IUP's mine-mapping project, which provides critical information about abandoned or unidentified coal mines.

Gamma Theta Upsilon, Gamma Omega Alpha Chapter

Gamma Theta Upsilon membership is earned through superior scholarship; it is an honor and a professional distinction. The IUP GTU chapter, in conjunction with the Department of Geography, Geology, Environment, and Planning, sponsors speakers, campus activities, field trips, and social events. Members also have the opportunity to participate in volunteer activities. GTU provides a network where you can become better acquainted with other geography students and can meet and talk with geography faculty members. As a GTU member, you can improve your expertise in the field of geography by learning things not normally dealt with in the classroom.