Professor Okey teaching a class

Advance Your Career in the Public, Private, or Nonprofit Sectors

With an MS in geography from IUP, you can influence urban and environmental planning, economic development, site selection, energy production, transportation, freshwater conservation, population health, and more.

Our graduates have a remarkable placement rating of over 95 percent and have found work with state and federal government; city, county, and regional planning commissions; private consultant and engineering firms; business and industry; and colleges and universities.


With an MS in Geography, you can pursue leadership positions in:

  • Municipal/urban (city or county) planning (with regional, state, and federal agencies)
  • Energy development
  • Social science education
  • Engineering firms
  • Land use analysis
  • Environmental compliance
  • Geographic information systems
  • Facilities management
  • Community and economic development
  • Cartography
  • Conservation
  • Transportation

Path to Higher Degrees

With an MS in Geography, you can pursue higher degrees such as:

  • PhD in Geography