Certificate of Recognition in Geography: Geographic Information Science and Geospatial Techniques

A student uses a device in a geography class

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To earn this certificate you will be required to complete successfully a total of 18 credits, of which nine hours (three courses) will be core courses. You will need to choose nine hours (three courses) of electives to complete the program.

Core Courses (9cr)

  • GEOG 515 - Remote Sensing 3cr
  • GEOG 516 - Introduction to Geographic Information Systems 3cr
  • GEOG 517 - Technical Issue in GIS*

Elective Courses (9cr)

  • GEOG 513 - Cartography 3cr
  • GEOG 514 - Map and Photograph Interpretation 3cr
  • GEOG 521 - Enterprise GIS Management* 3cr
  • GEOG 618 - GIS Applications Development* 3cr
  • GEOG 675 - Spatial Analysis Techniques* 3cr
  • GEOG 680 - Seminar 3cr
  • GEOG 681 - Special Topics 3cr
  • GEOG 699 - Independent Study 3cr

*Indicates that GEOG 516 Introduction to GIS is a prerequisite for the course.

Indicates that permission of the instructor is needed to enroll in the course.

Indicates that GEOG 518 or GEOG 519 may be substituted at discretion of the COR committee.

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