Certificate in French

  • Students listen to a professor in a French class.

    The certificate in French gives you an internationally recognized credential in a foreign language with fewer classes than a minor. Many of our students are able to test out of one or more of the required classes depending on their previous experience with the language.

    Certificate seekers are required to take an oral proficiency exam at the end of their studies. Though no minimal result is required, it does provide you with an internationally recognized rating.

    The certificate is focused explicitly on speaking and writing. For more in-depth language classes and courses that cover cultural, historical, and literature references, see the minor in French.

    Study abroad opportunities are also available.

    Required Courses:

    • FRNC 101 
    • FRNC 102
    • FRNC 201
    • FRNC 220 and FRNC 230 (or approved elective)
    • Oral Proficiency Interview by computer (OPIc)—offered fall and spring semester on the IUP campus

    Download the Certificate in Foreign Languages Application

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