• The Department of Foreign Languages is proud to offer the third edition of its multilingual literary magazine, dedicated to the creative and academic writing of students of languages taught in the department.

    Although the current edition features only works in Spanish, Prism continues to be a vehicle of linguistic diversity. In future issues, we hope to showcase works in all of the languages in even more genres. We plan to publish new editions of the magazine at least once a year, and we encourage students in the department’s courses to submit their best writing in Chinese, French, German, Japanese, Korean, or Spanish. The works can be poems, anecdotes, short stories, interviews, reviews, travel chronicles, essays, short dramas, or even comic strips.

    Submissions should be sent in Microsoft Word documents by e-mail to Vicente Gomis-Izquierdo ( or to Marveta Ryan-Sams ( at any time during the academic year.