Emeriti Faculty

  • The following professors have been honored as professors emeriti by the IUP Department of Foreign Languages.

    Their many years of dedicated service to the department, the college, the university, and the academy as a whole are deeply appreciated.

    • Dr. Eileen Glisan (Spanish)
    • Dr. Frank B. Brooks (Spanish)
    • Dr. Peter Broad (Spanish)
    • Dr. Victor Drescher (Spanish)
    • Dr. Fernand Fisel (French)
    • Dr. David Foltz (Spanish)
    • Dr. Anita Henry (French)
    • Dr. Juan Cruz Mendizábal (Spanish)
    • Dr. Karen Ready (German)
    • Dr. Peter Sullivan (German)
    • Dr. Sally Thornton (Spanish)
    • Dr. Robert Whitmer (French)