Professor with students EXPERT FACULTY:  Professor Nicole Clark has a doctorate as well as qualifications as a certified diabetes educator, a registered dietitian, and a licensed dietitian nutritionist. She has also received two IUP Faculty Scholarship recognition awards and was recently recognized as Outstanding Dietetics Educator of the Year by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics.

Outstanding educators inspire graduate students to excel

Our food and nutrition faculty members are unique mentors who bring prestige and dedication to graduate studies. Recognition from national organizations and a keen sense of emerging nutritional issues steer you toward your greatest ambitions.

  • Accessibility is the hallmark of our faculty advisors. They will take great care and give generous amounts of time to guide you. 
  • Faculty connections with local organizations and businesses provide ample opportunity for you and your classmates to engage the public and apply your knowledge.
  • Practical application of theory will launch you into a new sphere of achievement.