Asbestos Awareness

  • The Department of Environmental Health and Safety oversees a comprehensive program of asbestos management to ensure the safety of all of our building occupants from asbestos-related hazards. This program is designed to do the following things:

    • Identify all areas of asbestos materials on campus
    • Ensure that all identified areas of asbestos are kept in sound condition with no fiber releases
    • Properly coordinate asbestos abatement on an ongoing basis, both as building areas are renovated and as the condition of the asbestos material may warrant (i.e., damage or water leaks)
    • Provide ongoing training to Carnegie Mellon and its contractors regarding the locations of asbestos-containing materials and procedures for performing work in these areas
    • Maintain compliance with the various federal, state, and local asbestos regulations

    Common asbestos-containing materials found on campus include:

    • Floor tiles and linoleum (often hidden by carpeting)
    • Some pipe and boiler insulation
    • Fire doors
    • Sprayed-on fireproofing plaster (although rarely)
    • Ceiling tiles (although rarely)
    • Lab fume hood walls and lab benchtops

    If your work requires the disturbance of any of these materials, contact Environmental Health and Safety at 724-357-5705 prior to beginning the work.