The Writing Studies Track enables students to design a course of study in the theory and practice of writing in a variety of genres.

A student who completes the Writing Studies Track will be able to demonstrate skills in the analysis, construction, and presentation of texts; identify and apply productive, effective, and creative approaches to writing tasks for diverse audiences; and create a portfolio of writing for use in applying to graduate programs or for professional positions. The Writing Studies Track prepares students for any career that requires professional writing skills.

Liberal Studies

As outlined in Liberal Studies section with the following specifications:

Humanities-Literature: ENGL 122
Mathematics: 3 credits

Liberal Studies Electives: 9 credits, no courses with ENGL prefix

College: Foreign Language Intermediate Level1


Required Courses, Two from the following:
ENGL 210 British Literature to 1660 3cr
ENGL 211 British Literature 1660-1900 3cr
ENGL 212 American Literature: Beginnings to 1900 3cr
ENGL 213 British and American Literature Since 1900 3cr
ENGL 226 Survey of Global Literature Since 1900 3cr
One writing course from the following:
ENGL 220 Advanced Composition 3cr
ENGL 221 Creative Writing 3cr
ENGL 222 Technical Writing 3cr
One language course from the following:
ENGL 203 Introduction to Language Studies 3cr
ENGL 313 Rhetorical Trends and Traditions 3cr
ENGL 328 Introduction to Linguistics 3cr
Capstone course:
ENGL 484 Topics in English Studies 3cr

Controlled Electives in English/Pre-Law:

Two courses from craft and genre: from the following:
ENGL 220 Advanced Composition 3cr
ENGL 221 Creative Writing 3cr
ENGL 222 Technical Writing 3cr
ENGL 321 Persuasive Speech and Writing 3cr
ENGL 325 Writing Poetry 3cr
ENGL 326 Writing Fiction 3cr
ENGL 327 Writing Creative Nonfiction 3cr
ENGL 422 3cr
ENGL/THTR 347 Playwriting 3cr
One writing course from Forms and Theories:
ENGL 308 Critical Theory 3cr
ENGL 335 Literary Nonfiction 3cr
ENGL 340 The Novel 3cr
ENGL 341 Poetry 3cr
ENGL 342 Short Fiction 3cr
ENGL 343 Drama 3cr
ENGL 450 Film Theory 3cr
Two courses from Studio/Portfolio/Career Preparation:
ENGL 360 Editing and Publishing 3cr
ENGL 420 Writer's Studio 3cr
ENGL 483 3cr
ENGL 493 Internship 3cr
Two courses with ENGL prefix except: ENGL 100, 101, 121, 122, or 202

Total Degree Requirements

1Intermediate-level foreign language may be included in Liberal Studies electives.

An internship, aside from counting for up to six credits toward the major, makes the BA degree recipient much more employable by providing job experience. Students should see the English BA internship director for advice about available openings.