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Minor in English: Writing Emphasis

  • There are various ways of emphasizing writing. If your interest is in creative writing, your fifteen-hour minor curriculum might look like this:

    • ENGL 122 Literary Analysis
    • ENGL 215 Poetry or ENGL 216 Short Fiction
    • ENGL 221 Creative Writing
    • ENGL 325 Creative Writing: Poetry or ENGL 326 Creative Writing: Fiction

    While neither ENGL 122 nor the genre courses ENGL 215 and 216 are required for such an emphasis, studying the analysis of literature can prove invaluable to the creation of poetry and fiction.

    If your major is in Journalism, Communications and Media, or Political Science (among others), your minor with an emphasis in non-literary writing might look like this:

    • ENGL 220 Advanced Composition I
    • ENGL 320 Advanced Composition II
    • ENGL 322 Technical Writing I
    • ENGL 420 Special Writing Applications
    • ENGL 422 Technical Writing II

    Or, if you’re a pre-law major, you might want to substitute several of the above writing courses with such communication-oriented courses as:

    • ENGL 310 Public Speaking
    • ENGL 312 Speech: Persuasion
    • ENGL 303 Rhetorical Tradition
    • ENGL 336 Language, Gender, and Society

    Keep in mind that these are only examples and suggestions; you are free to take a more “pick and choose” route to your minor in English—as long as you keep in mind that many upper-level courses do have prerequisites to consider.