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Course Requirements: English Writing Studies Track, BA

  • The Writing Studies Track enables students to design a course of study in the theory and practice of writing in a variety of genres.

    A student who completes the Writing Studies Track will be able to demonstrate skills in the analysis, construction, and presentation of texts; identify and apply productive, effective, and creative approaches to writing tasks for diverse audiences; and create a portfolio of writing for use in applying to graduate programs or for professional positions. The Writing Studies Track prepares students for any career that requires professional writing skills.

    Track courses: 15 credits

    Two Craft and Genre courses, chosen from the following:

    • ENGL 220 Advanced Composition
    • ENGL 221 Creative Writing
    • ENGL 222 Technical Writing
    • ENGL 325 Writing Poetry
    • ENGL 326 Writing Fiction
    • ENGL 327 Writing Creative Nonfiction
    • ENGL 347 Playwriting
    • ENGL 421 Digital Writing

    One Forms and Theories course, chosen from the following:

    • ENGL 308 Critical Theory
    • ENGL 335 Literary Nonfiction
    • ENGL 340 The Novel
    • ENGL 341 Poetry
    • ENGL 342 Short Fiction

    Two Studio/Portfolio/Career Preparation courses, chosen from the following:

    • ENGL 360 Editing and Publishing
    • ENGL 420 Writers’ Studio
    • ENGL 483 Honors Thesis
    • ENGL 493 Internship