Majors in English

Dr. Powers teaching a class on Harry Potter CREATIVE INTERACTION: Discussion and collaboration enrich the creative process and our writing and literature classes. Professor Heather Powers gets a student perspective from English Pre-Law major Chloe Smith, Class of 2014, during a discussion in the class Special Topics: Harry Potter.

Write your future: Learn to think critically and express yourself effectively

English majors can basically design their course of study in English. How is that possible? The breadth of our faculty's expertise gives you the opportunity to choose from dozens of courses of study and pursue the following tracks:

Literature/Culture Track, English, BA

  • Study the history, meaning, function, and aesthetics of texts of all kinds, especially literary texts.
  • Examine the ways in which questions of race, gender, sexual orientation, and identity affect our interactions with both traditional and nontraditional literature and theory.
  • Identify the unique material, symbolic, formal, and aesthetic qualities of texts.
  • Apply the analytical skills and methods best suited to comprehend the significance of texts.
  • Analyze the ways that texts of all kinds interact with audience, culture, medium and ideology.
  • Evaluate the role of theory in literary, textual, and cultural studies analysis.

Writing Studies Track, English, BA

  • Gain skills in the analysis, construction, and presentation of texts.
  • Study the theory and practice of writing in a variety of genres.
  • Create a portfolio of writing for use in applying to graduate programs or for professional positions.

English Education, BSEd

  • Acquire the foundation and skills needed to gain certification to teach secondary English in Pennsylvania and other states.
  • Learn content preparation in a variety of literature, language, and composition courses.
  • Gain a philosophical background in current theories of teaching.
  • Hone your teaching skills over the course of 15 weeks as a student teacher in the classroom.