Chloe Smith and Eugene Burton in an English class LAW SCHOOL PREP: English Pre-law major Chloe Smith, Class of 2014, in class with Eugene Burton, Class of 2014, has taken classes in six other law-related majors through the Pre-law Track in addition to her English classes.

The English/Pre-Law track: a smart strategy for getting the tools you'll need

Prepare for your next step: law school with a specialized program of study designed to help you develop the ability to deliver persuasive arguments and interpret complex legal documents.

In this major, you'll also get a mix of targeted courses in other academic areas designed to provide a thorough preparation for a career in the legal profession.

As an English Studies major in the Pre-Law Track, you'll study the history and practice of persuasive communication. As you learn and practice various forms of analysis and argumentation, you'll also become familiar with the relationships among language, cultural power, and interpretation.

Your course of study will include a diverse mix of literature, writing, and persuasion, helping you grow into a reader and critical thinker who can engage effectively in the most complex issues in our global society.

You may also want to explore clubs and student groups such as the mock trial club.