Praxis Examinations: English Education, BSEd

To obtain teacher certification in Pennsylvania, English Education majors must take two different tests in the Praxis Series.

These tests are as follows:

  • Praxis I Test (a.k.a. PPSTPre-Professional Skills Test)
  • Praxis II (English Specialty Area test)

Please be aware of how these tests coordinate with the Three-Step Process for Teacher Certification.

The Praxis I Test (PPST)

The Praxis I is made up of three subtests: Math, Reading, and Writing.

You must pass the Praxis I test before applying to the Teacher Education Program in the College of Education at IUP.This means that you will not be able to get into most education classes (e.g., EDUC 242, EDUC 342 and EDUC 452) unless you have passed the Praxis I test. At IUP, you are permitted only two attempts at the Praxis I test. If you fail any of the three sections twice, your application to the Teacher Education Program will not be accepted.

The math subtest has multiple choice questions that pertain to number sense and operation sense, mathematical relationships, data interpretation, geometry and measurement, and reasoning. The test takes sixty minutes.

The reading subtest involves reading different types of texts and responding to multiple choice questions regarding your understanding of the material. These questions are to be completed in sixty minutes.

The writing subtest is divided into two sections. The first part is sixty minutes long and has multiple choice questions pertaining to word usage and sentence errors. After the multiple choice portion of the writing test, you will have thirty minutes to write an essay on an assigned topic.

Praxis II (English Specialty Area Test)

The last of the tests in the Praxis Series is English Language, Literature, and Composition: Content Knowledge. This test has multiple choice questions and lasts for two hours.

You must complete the Praxis II successfully before applying for student teaching. There is no limit on the number of times you may take the test.

More Information

To register for these tests or to obtain more information about the Praxis Series, visit the Career Services Office in 311 Pratt Hall or go to the ETS website.