Portfolio Requirements: English Education, BSEd

The following items must be included in the electronic portfolio CD for the College of Education:

  • Current resume
  • Teaching philosophy
  • All current test and clearance forms (Praxis scores, Act 34, Act 151, TB, speech and hearing, university transcript, etc.)
  • Samples of best lessons or unit plans including grading rubrics and standards met
  • Samples of student work
  • Photographs or other artifacts of bulletin boards, displays, or projects with written explanations or captions

Co-ops or supervisors may suggest others besides those listed above, including:

  • Recommendation letters (at leastthree including cooperating teacher, supervisor, university professors, clinical instructors)
  • Videotape of teaching

Students may want to have their cooperating teacher and university supervisor provide feedback for them as they are putting their professional portfolio together during student teaching. This portfolio must be saved electronically on a CD and a copy must be turned in to the university supervisor as part of the Three-Step graduation checkout for all English education majors. Candidates must be sure to obtain proper permission when using students or student work in their portfolio, especially if a website is created.

Supervisors must complete the Student Teaching Portfolio Evaluation Form (pdf) and present it to the College of Education along with the student teacher's CD electronic portfolio upon the completion of student teaching.