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The Crimson Quill is a journal aimed at encouraging undergraduates to find ownership and take pride in their contributions to the university community through their writing. This publication includes various academic genres written in Liberal Studies English Courses: English 100, 101, 121, and 202.

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Current Edition

The Crimson Quill is available online. It is updated with new entries at the end of each spring semester.


Where can I find sample papers?

Sample papers can be viewed above in the linked current edition.

Is there a minimum/maximum page length for the manuscripts?


Who can submit?

Anyone enrolled in English 100, 101, 121, or 202 may submit.

What documents can be submitted to the Crimson Quill?

We accept any written works from English 100, 101, 121, or 202 courses.

How many submissions are we allowed to submit?

In an attempt to include as many writing samples as possible, we do not limit numbers of submissions. However, we normally will publish only one work from the same author.

Where do we turn in our submissions?

Submit your documents via the online submission form.