Sell, Schiera, and Siddique Incorporate Digital Storygame Design Into Health-Care Technology Education

The Digital Storygame Project, the Lopez Foundation Inc., and LCA Vantage Healthcare are launching an innovative health-care technology course focusing on K-12 education and the integration of STEM and the Arts and Humanities.

Driscoll, Heise, Stewart, and Vetter Release “Writing Spaces Volume Four”

Writing Spaces: Readings on Writing is an open-access textbook series geared towards undergraduate composition courses.

Driscoll Offers Teaching Writing for Publication Workshop

Dana Driscoll (English (Composition and Applied Linguistics graduate programs), Writing Center director) presented “Supporting Advanced Writing Processes for Graduate Students and Teaching Writing for Publication” at the European Association for the Teaching of Academic Writing on July 7, 2021.


Driscoll and Co-Authors Present on Self Sponsored Writing at the 2021 Conference on Engaged Learning

Dana Lynn Driscoll, along with co-authors Andrea Efthymiou, Heather Lindenman, Matthew Pavesich, and Jennifer Reid, presented “Self-Sponsored Writing:  A Taxonomy of the Civic, Personal, and Professional Functions of Writing in People’s Lives” at the 2021 Conference on Engaged Learning in July.

Jiang and Vetter Publish Book Chapter on the ”Epistemology of Deceit and Critical Media Literacy” in Wikipedia-Based Education

Jialei Jiang (Composition and Applied Linguistics PhD alumna) and Matthew Vetter (faculty, Composition and Applied Linguistics PhD) recently published a chapter in an edited collection titled “The Epistemology of Deceit in a Postdigital Era: Dupery by Design,” which brings together cross-disciplinary examinations of the power of social media platforms and their role in the proliferation of epistemic harms.

Vetter and McDowell Publish Book on Wikipedia's Knowledge-making Policies and Practices

Matthew Vetter (English Department), with co-author Zachary McDowell (University of Illinois at Chicago), recently published a book titled Wikipedia and the Representation of Reality. The book, which leverages Vetter's 10+ years of researching and teaching with Wikipedia, is a contemporary examination of epistemological policy and practice in what has become the world's largest and most widely-used knowledge archive, the "free encyclopedia that anyone can edit."


Sell Explores Films Based on Video Games

Mike Sell (English) has published “What is a videogame movie?” in a special issue of Arts magazine on adaptation between film and videogames.

Kerr and Amicucci Publish Book: “Stories from First-Year Composition”

Jo-Anne Kerr (English Department, emerita) and Ann Amicucci (CAL alumna and assistant professor of English at the University of Colorado, Colorado Springs) have published a new resource book to help teachers of first-year college writing help their students develop their identities as writers.


Sell Featured In New York Times Article on Role-playing Games

Professor Mike Sell (English Department) was recently featured in a New York Times article on the persistent popularity of role-playing games, even in the current pandemic.


PhD Student Sowell Selected for English Language Specialist Project

The US Department of State selected Jimalee Sowell, a PhD candidate in the Composition and Applied Linguistics program, to participate in the English Language Specialist Program through a project preparing teachers from Central Asia to write conference proposals.

MA Students SeifAllah and Mushi Invited to Join Phi Kappa Phi Honor Society

The English Department is proud of Dalia SeifAllah and Onesmo Mushi, both in the MA Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages program, as they were selected as new members for the Phi Kappa Phi Honor Society.

Goss Awarded Dissertation Fellowship to Study Global Citizenship Writing Pedagogies

Debbie Goss (Phd candidate in Composition and Applied Linguistics) was recently awarded a prestigious two-year dissertation fellowship from the Ikeda Center for Peace, Learning, and Dialogue.

Goss Publishes Assignment Design Essay on UN Sustainable Development Goal for Clean Water and Sanitation

Debbie Goss (PhD candidate in Composition and Applied Linguistics and faculty member at Soka University of America) published “Writing for Clean Water and Sanitation: Accelerating Momentum Toward the UN Sustainable Development Goals Through Action Research” in Prompt: A Journal of Academic Writing Assignments.

Lucia, Vetter, and Moroz Publish on Rhetoric of Google Lens

Alumnus Brent Lucia, Composition and Applied Linguistics faculty member Matthew Vetter, and Phd candidate Oksana Moroz published “The Rhetoric of Google Lens: A Postsymbolic Look at Locative Media” in Rhetoric Review. 

Jiang and Vetter Publish on Feminist Rhetorical Approach for Teaching Wikipedia-based Assignments in First-Year Composition

Jialei Jiang (Composition and Applied Linguistics PhD alumna) and Matthew Vetter (faculty, Composition and Applied Linguistics PhD) published “Addressing the Challenges and Opportunities of a Feminist Rhetorical Approach for Wikipedia-based Writing Instruction in First-Year Composition” in the journal Composition Forum.

PhD Student Heise Reaches Semi-Finalists in Fulbright Application

Composition and Applied Linguistics PhD student Megan Heise applied to the US Fulbright Student Program, 2021–22, proposing a creative storytelling workshop project with refugee youth in Jordan, and is accepted as a semi-finalist.


Park Publishes Foreword for Book on Multilingual Immigrants in the US

Gloria Park (director of the MA TESOL and Composition and Applied Linguistics PhD programs in the English Department) was invited to write the foreword for the edited book Critical Storytelling Multilingual Immigrants in the United States, published by Sense.

Driscoll publishes Keynote Address on Connecting Writing Development with Writing Center Practices

Dana Driscoll (English, Writing Center) had her 2020 keynote address for the South Eastern Writing Center Association published in Southern Discourse in the Center: A Journal of Multiliteracy and Innovation (24:2).