Throughout the semester, EGO organizes workshops for graduate students to share ideas and experiences.

The English Graduate Organization hosts a series of workshops on professional development, pedagogy, research skills, and technology. Such workshops include the "Let's Workshop This" series that allows graduate students to hear from their professors what they are working on. This gives the opportunity for students to learn more about the development process behind papers, books, and other important work. EGO also holds regular meetings for officers and members alike, which provides an opportunity for members to participate in decision making with EGO.

EGO holds an annual book sale that offers inexpensive books to the community and is powered by donations. Buyers may find interesting books not normally available otherwise, and all proceeds benefit the English Graduate Organization.

Social events are also important to EGO and are organized to allow students to socialize with each other and the organization's officers. Social events range from study sessions and meetups to the annual picnic which allows students to touch base with each other as well as network and share ideas with their colleagues in the department.

All information pertaining to upcoming events, both social and professional, is disseminated through the graduate English listservs.