The IUP English Graduate Organization (EGO) is a place where you can share your ideas and experience as a graduate student with your peers. The organization serves as a place to foster scholarship, make friends, learn about and participate in social and academic events, and to ensure that your voice as an English graduate student is heard.

EGO serves all students who are enrolled in the various English graduate programs at IUP. By enrolling in any one of these programs, you are automatically a member. Membership is free and enables you to participate in EGO affiliated workshops, various social events like the fall picnic, and even our spring conference.

A Word from Our Members:

"EGO has given me regular opportunities to test my ideas as a scholar as well as grow professionally. Having submitted to and presented at a couple of their conferences, I had a platform to share my ideas and research with a receptive crowd. EGO's professional development workshops allowed me to learn different approaches to professional situations and also gave me access to resources I didn't have experience with prior. Ultimately, EGO has given me the confidence boost I needed as a scholar and professional to push myself to excellence."

Dan Helman, PhD Lit and Crit

"Being an EGO officer has been an ideal opportunity to engage in both intellectual and social lives. We as one team have worked on organizing a series of useful workshops closely related to the interest of the students of English Department. I've been always illuminated and sourced by the ideas resulted from the discussion held by my colleagues, leading to increase my intellectual agility. This can be epitomized when negotiating the theme of EGO Conference 2020this, for me, was one the most effective brainstorming sessions I have ever seen. I explored a great diversity of perspectives that it further forges the sense of tolerance for complexity and develops the collaborative learning process. I also relished hanging out, chatting, and snacking with my friends and my teachers in the department through the picnics and the parties we had together. I am so grateful to all my colleagues and teachers contributing to the success of EGO."

Yahia Tahat, MA Literature

"I can honestly say that my experience with EGO has enriched my professional identity. As the president of the Composition and TESOL Association, I worked with EGO on their annual interdisciplinary conference. The experience was of great professional significance as I learned how to draft a call for papers, how to schedule panels, and how to deliver an introduction for a keynote speaker. This experience has helped me secure a current position at a prestigious university abroad. Even though I was not a formal member of EGO, I felt valued as a contributor and have made lasting connections professional and personal. I would heartily recommend anyone to attend an EGO meeting or gathering and continue to make our academic community richer."

James Swider, PhD Comp and Applied Linguistics

"The English Graduate Organization has had such a positive impact on my studies at IUP that I cannot imagine going through this grueling process without it. The self-care workshop this past year gave me good strategies to deal with my stress while making me feel supported by my colleagues. I have enjoyed the social events that allowed me to mingle and chat with people in all stages of the program. The networking and friendship opportunities that EGO events have given me are important for both my academic success and my mental health. The book sale, workshops, and social events are an important facet of the community of scholars that IUP fosters."

Marquel Sherry, PhD Lit and Crit

"Since I started the PhD program at IUP in fall 2019, I have noticed and been impressed how present EGO has been around the IUP campus. In the fall I was lucky enough to co-host the Banned Books event along with President Kimberly Bressler. It was an eye-opening experience and a very important one for the IUP community as a whole. This past spring I volunteered at several Book Sales, which gave me an opportunity to interact with the IUP community while raising lot of money for EGO. I cannot wait to see what EGO has in store for next year!"

~Brian Sateriale, PhD Lit and Crit

Stay Connected

If you'd like to keep up to date with all the activities of EGO, or simply wish to stay in touch with other members of the organization, join us on Facebook or Instagram. We constantly update our group by adding messages, photos, and events. It's the best way to find out what is happening in EGO aside from attending meetings.