If you are interested in becoming an officer of the English Graduate Organization in the upcoming academic year, take a moment to review the responsibilities of each position before submitting your nomination.

Officer Responsibilities:


The president presides over all scheduled meetings; determines meeting agenda with the assistance of the cabinet; serves as figurehead and primary liaison between the department, college, and organization as necessary; and assists all cabinet members in the completion of their duties as requested and as necessary.

Vice President

The vice president assists in all presidential duties, assumes the duties of the president if they are absent or incapacitated, and organizes the annual graduate interdisciplinary conference.


The secretary is responsible for maintaining a record of meeting minutes and files for the organization, supplying minutes for posting to the web and social media, and organizing the annual used book sale.


The treasurer is responsible for all financial aspects of the organization, including accepting money at organization-sponsored events, as necessary, and maintaining an organization bank account. The treasurer is also responsible for checking the EGO mailbox regularly. A financial report will be provided at cabinet and general meetings. All expenditures must be authorized by either the president or vice president.

Workshop Coordinator(s)

The workshop coordinator(s) will organize at least four workshops per semester (two social events; two professional events) to be held by faculty members and/or graduate students, and will arrange for appropriate advertising to organization members. Coordinators will be responsible for reserving workshop locations in addition to advertising the event. These workshops should be open to all English graduate students.

Social Media Coordinator

The social media coordinator will promote public awareness of all organizational activities and ideas, including readings, workshops, and conference information, through any available promotional means. The social media coordinator will be responsible for keeping all social media platforms for the organization up to date and active.


The webmaster will maintain an up-to-date website, ensuring correct information on officers, conference information, workshops, and other organizational information. The webmaster is also responsible for passing this information along to the social media coordinator.

EGO Constitution and Bylaws:

For more information about how the English Graduate Organization functions, feel free to download our Constitution and Bylaws below.

EGO Constitution and Bylaws