There are a number of courses offered at IUP pertaining to film studies. Learning film language can help your career in teaching, writing, journalism, website creation, and any field where understanding people and culture will benefit your career.

Courses relevant to film are spread throughout various departments, allowing you a broad, diverse, and well-rounded foundation on which to build your career in film.

English Department

As part of its BA Concentration in Film Studies, the English Department offers the following courses:

  • ENGL 208: Introduction to Film Studies
  • ENGL 332: Film Genres
  • ENGL 350: Gender/Sexual Orientation in Lit, Theory, and Film
  • ENGL 440: Major Figures in Film
  • ENGL 450: Film Theory
  • ENGL 460: Topics in Film
  • ENGL 463: Topics in Global Lit and Film

Department of Communications Media

The Department of Communications Media offers several courses relevant to film and moving image production. These include:

  • COMM 201: Internet and Multimedia
  • COMM 249: Basic Audio Recording Techniques
  • COMM 251: Television Production
  • COMM 303: Scriptwriting
  • COMM 305: Electronic Media Programming and Sales
  • COMM 325: Women in Media
  • COMM 340: Advanced Communication Graphics
  • COMM 345: Television Criticism
  • COMM 348: Animation
  • COMM 351: Advanced Video Production
  • COMM 380: The History of African Americans in Film
  • COMM 440: Multimedia Production
  • COMM 445: Applications and Techniques of Motion Pictures
  • COMM 460: Emerging Trends in Communication Technology

Other Departments

  • CHIN 281: Chinese Culture Through Film
  • HIST 391: Film as History

Other courses may be relevant, as special topic courses vary from semester to semester. Please ask Professor Slater about any new courses that may be film oriented in the upcoming semester and check out this sample four-year program guide with a focus on Film.