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The Center for Film Studies includes cross-disciplinary membership designed to develop opportunities for grant funding to support the study and production of film and media scholarship at IUP.

The center works to organize events of academic cultural enrichment to our campus and region and increase Indiana's and IUP's attractiveness as a location for understanding film history and culture.

IUP's Center for Film Studies has brought many exciting films, filmmakers, and scholars to campus, including producer Marie Cantin (The Waterdance, The Book of Stars); writer/director Michael Minor (Robocop); young director Jarrett Conaway (Bite Me, Fearnet series); and Vanderbilt Film Scholar Samuel Girgus (Hollywood Renaissance). These events have given students from many departments the opportunity to learn about screenwriting, movie techniques, and opportunities to gain entry to the entertainment industry.

Jimmy StewartWe also help organize film showings and discussions on campus and coordinate other events with Indiana's Jimmy Stewart Museum.

To keep up with future film showings and opportunities, visit the events page, and be sure to subscribe to the center's Twitter account.

For more information about the Center for Film Studies, please contact:

Thomas Slater, Director
Phone: 724-357-4879