Career Outcomes with a Degree in Employment and Labor Relations

Gary J. Hrosik HUMAN RESOURCES MANAGER DRAWS FROM IUP DEGREE"I have the opportunity to draw upon the knowledge I've gained through the ELR program on a daily basis," said Gary J. Hrosik '13, MA in Employment and Labor Relations, who works as the human resources manager for KH Controls in Blairsville, PA. "The knowledge gained and resources acquired are now parts of my HR tool box."

Manage Skillfully and Resolve Debates With Agreeable Outcomes

Every area in private and public sector organizations faces conflicts between labor and management. Your MA in Human Resources and Employment Relations will give you skills that are needed in government, labor unions, educational institutions, and corporations. Your MS in Health Services Administration will help you lead healthcare organizations, both public and private, through the constant changes in the health services environment.

Careers for Those with the MA in Human Resources and Employment Relations

With this degree, you'll gain access to arenas such as government agencies, labor unions, medical centers, and corporations. Alumni now hold positions with many reputable companies and organizations: 

  • National Labor Relations Board
  • Google
  • Lockheed Martin
  • US Office of Personnel Management
  • Service Employees International Union (SEIU)
  • Alcoa
  • Respironics
  • Giant Eagle
  • Association of Pennsylvania State College and University Faculties (APSCUF)
  • Indiana Regional Medical Center
  • Cleveland Brothers
  • Latrobe Steel
  • Washington Gas
  • Highmark
  • The Reschini Group

Careers for the MS in Health Services Administration

  • Nursing administrator (hospital)
  • Nursing administrator (nursing home)
  • Hospital administrator
  • Human resource professional in a healthcare facility
  • Labor relations professional in a healthcare facility
  • Nursing home administrator
  • Director of health care informatics
  • Administrator for state aging services
  • Administrator for state Medicaid program
  • Administrator for state Department of Health
  • Administrator/practice manager for medical clinic
  • Administrator/practice manager for dental office
  • Administrator for health insurance agency