Diversity and Inclusion Standing Committee

  • 2020–21 Subcommittees and Members

    Member Department/Office  Subcommittee 
    Paula Andrei Center for Career and Technical Personnel Preparation  Departments
    Roger Briscoe Professional Studies in Education  Departments
    Stacia Carone Counseling  Departments 
    Karis Cornelius Student Affairs in Higher Education Graduate Assistant  DISC Visibility 
    Felicia Daniel Dean’s Office  DISC Visibility 
    Armani Davis  Developmental Studies  Student Voices 
    Nicole Dunmire Dean’s Office  Data 
    Lara Leutkehans Dean’s Office   
    Mark McGowan Educational and School Psychology  Data 
    Nurhaya Muchtar Communications Media  Data
    John Mueller Student Affairs in Higher Education  Data 
    Lisa Price Communication Disorders, Special Education, and Disability Services  DISC Visibility 
    Stephan Schaffrath Developmental Studies  DISC Visibility 
    Elizabeth Shiring Professional Studies in Education  Data
    Sibyl West Counseling  Departments 

    Subcommittees and Priorities

    Subcommittee       Priorities 
    • Further Develop D2L resource site
    • Incorporate DISC Travel Funds application on D2L site
    • Create advisor/student survey to better understand current advising practices
    • Encourage faculty to infuse culturally related activities within courses
    • Provide diversity statement examples for course syllabus
    DISC Visibility
    • Compile snapshot of committee outcomes for annual reporting
    • Develop Diverse Voices monthly newsletter
    • Increase visibility of DISC work by creating a DISC webpage
    Student Voices
    • Develop avenues to interact with students