Adding Rows and Columns

  • Over time, a table may need to have rows and/or columns added or deleted.

    Table Add Rows or Columns iconsAdd a row or column

    1. Click within the grey bars to the left or top of the table and highlight either a row or a column next to where you want the new one to appear.
    2. In the formatting toolbar, click one of the first two icons to add a row before or after the selection (or to add a column to the left or right of the selection).
    3. The header must be reapplied in order for the new row/column to appear correct.

    Table Delete Row or Column iconDeleting a Row/Column

    1. Select the row/column by clicking within the grey bar.
    2. Click the icon with the orange X in the formatting toolbar.
      • To select multiple rows or columns, hold down Shift and then click within the grey bar.