Email Notification: Enable or Disable

  • If you would like to be notified by email when website content has been submitted for your approval or content you submitted has been approved or declined, you would need to enable system notification email in your user profile within the content management system.

    If you do not log in to the CMS on a regular basis, enabling notification email may help you keep track of submitted content. If, however, you are a frequent user of the CMS and help to maintain multiple websites, enabling email notification could result in extra clutter in your inbox.

    The following instructions explain how to enable or disable email notification.

    1. Go to the staging site login page,

    2. Log in using your IUP user name and password and refresh your browser as prompted. For more detailed instructions on logging in to the content management system, see  How to Log in to the Staging Server.

    3. Click the Workarea button (top right of the editing toolbar, at the top of the page).
      Workarea button in top toolbar
      Your Workarea will open to the Smart Desktop. 

    4. At the top of the Workarea, click on the Settings tab.   settings tab

    5. On the left, at the bottom of the folder list, click on User Profile.

    6. Click on the Edit button to open your profile for editing.

    7. Scroll down on the screen until you see the text “Check to prevent workflow and task emails being sent to this user” with a checkbox next to it. If the box is checked, you should not receive notification email. In order to receive this email, uncheck the box. Likewise, if the box is not checked, you should receive notification email. To no longer receive this email, check the box.

    8. Click the Custom tab and select the appropriate time zone, if not already selected (Eastern Time: US and Canada). Do not change any other settings.  Custom tab on user profile

    9. Once you have made your changes, click the Update button at the top of the screen. The change has now been saved to your user profile.