The PageBuilder Menu

  • The PageBuilder menu appears after opening a page layout for editing. The menu starts with two tabs: Page Action and Properties.

    Page Action

    In this section, you can Edit the page layout, make a New Page Layout, or even Copy the layout (if you want to make a similar page without starting from scratch).

    There are also options to Checkin, Submit, and Cancel. These are available after the page layout is opened for editing.

    Other options include viewing the layout Properties and opening the Workarea. (There is also an Ektron Help section, but this is not yet configured and does not work.)


    This gives a summary of the page layout’s properties. It’s the same information as choosing Properties from the Page Action tab (above), without opening the workarea.


    The Widgets tab appears after Edit is selected from the Page Action tab.

    A widget is a tool that displays content. It can also display a collection, a photo gallery, or a news and events feed. The widget to display content is called IUPContent.

    When you select a widget, one or more blue boxes with the words “Place Here” will appear on the page. Click on one of them to place the widget. Here is more about adding a content widget and adding a collection widget.