Changing a Page Title and Summary

  • To edit a page’s title and/or summary, you must start in the workarea. There are two ways to get there:

    1. Open the workarea and navigate to your site’s Page Layout set of folders, then select the folder that contains the layout you wish to edit.
    2. Go to the web page in the staging web browser (Firefox or Chrome).
      1. From the top toolbar, click Switch to Edit, then click on Design.
      2. In the PageBuilder menu, under the Page Action tab, scroll down to the Properties link (not the Properties tab).
      3. Click the link once to open the page layout in the workarea.

    Note: Changing a page title can directly affect its alias and URL (web address). Read this before changing a page’s title.

    Open the Page Layout for Editing

    Once you are looking at the page layout in the workarea, go to the top of the screen and click once on the Edit button (not Edit Page Layout). The page layout will now open, and you will still be in the workarea.
    (If the web browser opens, you have clicked on Edit Page Layout. Click the Cancel button in the PageBuilder menu to go back to the workarea.)

    The page title and the summary can now be edited.

    When finished, you can either choose Check In, which will save your work but not submit it, or choose Submit, which will put the page into workflow. When the submission is published, the title/summary change will take effect.

    Please let the Digital Team know anytime that you change a page’s title, so we can make certain that the menu link also updates:

    Important: If the content on the page has changed, the summary may need to be edited to keep its description up to date. More about summaries