Before Changing a Page Title

  • The title of a web page directly affects the alias and the URL (web address) of the page. (The alias is everything in the URL that comes after Changing a page title runs the risk of breaking a link that leads to the page. You may want to edit its Headline instead.

    • For example, this page’s alias is /before-changing-a-page-title/.
      Its URL is
    • If this page were renamed “How to Edit a Page Title,” its alias would become
      /how-to-edit-a-page-title/, and its URL would become

    Someone linking to the page from an outside website would use the URL as their link. Such a change will break that link.

    • Quicklinks to the page will not break, however. They follow the ID number of the page layout, which does not change. This is why you must always use quicklinks
    • If the page title absolutely must change, please follow this procedure.

    Optional Headline Field

    If the change is minor, using the Headline option may be a better solution. Located on the page layout’s Metadata tab, the Headline field will replace a page’s title when the page is actually being viewed. It will not change the page title itself, which will look normal in the menu, and the alias will not change.

    For example, a list of faculty members in the menu might look like this:

      Faculty and Staff
      Jones, Jane
      Smith, John

    The actual title of Jane Jones’ page layout is “Jones, Jane.” But when her page is directly viewed, the headline takes over and the page’s title appears as “Dr. Jane Jones, PhD.” The page’s alias, however, remains /jones,-jane/.

    To edit the Headline field, locate the page layout in the workarea. Click once on the page layout title, then go to the top of the screen and click once on the Edit button (not Edit Page Layout). The page layout will now open, and you will still be in the workarea. (If the web browser opens, you have clicked on Edit Page Layout. Click the Cancel button in the PageBuilder menu to go back to the workarea, and then click Edit.)

    Choose the Metadata tab to find the Headline field. (If the headline is to be the same as the page title, then leave the Headline field blank.)

    Caution: Making a too-drastic change in the Headline field may cause confusion if there is no easy relation to the page’s menu title. Use the Headline field to expand a title’s description only if needed.

    If the Page Title Must Change...

    If the purpose of the page has drastically changed and its original title makes no sense, then changing the page title may be the only course of action. If this happens, please let the Digital Team know—send us the details in an ihelp ticket. We can ensure that the previous alias still works, instead of giving visitors a Page Not Found error.