Suggest a News Item

  • Any IUP employee can suggest a news item for the IUP website. This tool is intended for those who are not web maintainers or who are suggesting news on a website for which they are not a maintainer. For web maintainers who are posting new to their site, see How to Post a News Item.

    What You Will Need

    • Your IUP user name and password
    • If you are off campus when suggesting a news item, you will first need to be connected to the IUP network via the Virtual Private Network. Find instructions on using the VPN.


    Follow this procedure to suggest a news item.

    1. On the IUP website, go to the unit website in which you wish to suggest a news item. Note: In most cases, you should suggest news on the website of the department or office to which you belong. For example, if you are a member of the English Department wishing to submit news relating to the department, go to the English Department website.

    2. Using the unit’s website menu, go to the unit’s main News page. The URL will read “”

    3. Follow the link that reads, “Suggest a (unit name) News Item.”

      • Note: If the page fails to load, add this to the end of the web address, after the forward slash:
        Then click Enter again.

      • For example,

    4. A new screen will come up, asking you to log in using your IUP user name and password in order to proceed. (See screenshot below.) Click the Login button.

    5. After entering your user name and password, click the Login button. You will be notified if you logged in correctly. When you receive that message, click OK and refresh your browser as indicated. An online form will appear.

    6. On the form, complete the available fields, as indicated:

      1. Title of News Item (Think of this as the headline for your news item.)

      2. Lead (The first two to three sentences of your news item)

      3. Continuation (The rest of your news item. These supporting details will be included after your lead.)

      4. Comments for the approver (Adding comments is optional. These will not be part of the news item; they are notes to the approver(s) only.)

    7. At the bottom of the form, click Suggest a News Item.

    The process is complete.

    Note: Even if you are an approver for the website where you submitted the news, you will then need to open the workarea and approve your own submission. Otherwise the news item will never proceed through workflow and will not be published.

    What Happens Next

    The news item you suggested will now go to the approver or approvers for the unit (department, office, division, etc.) in which you posted it. To see a list of approvers, go to the Web Maintainer List (login required) and look for the approver group for the appropriate unit. For example, approvers for the African American Cultural Center website are listed next to the group name WWW-aacc-Approver. (See screenshot below.)

    See unit approvers

    Once your submitted news item is approved at the unit level, it is submitted to the Digital Team for final approval before publication. To avoid unnecessary delay, you may want to notify a site approver that you submitted a news item for approval.

    If your news item is submitted to the Digital Team by 2:00 p.m. during a university business day, it will appear on the live website beginning at about 4:00 a.m. the following day. That is the time when the contents of the staging server, where changes to the website are made, are copied to the production server, which houses the live website.

    The time at which your suggested news item reaches the Digital Team will depend on the time it is approved at the unit level. Both the unit approver and members of the Digital Team have the option of approving your content as is, approving your content after making changes deemed necessary, or declining your content with an explanation.

    Once your content is approved by the Digital Team, it will be included in the list of campus bulletins on the IUP website and will be eligible for inclusion in IUP Now. It will also be reviewed by the Office of Media Relations for consideration as an IUP news release.

    If you have any questions about this process, please contact the Digital Team at