Avoid Repeating the Same Content in Different Places

Every piece of content on your site should exist in just one place in the Workarea. (We can display it many times on the site.)

Why? Any time you have multiple copies of the same information, those two copies are eventually going to fall out of sync. Falling out of sync is even more likely if the content you've copied is from another department or office's site. The result is inconsistent content for users, and harder for you to maintain.

Avoiding Repeat Content

The first step to avoiding multiple content is to link to key content from others. Don't post the academic calendar on your own website—link to the version provided by the Registrar. (Or, ask the Digital Team to have academic calendar dates automatically included in your department's events calendar.)

The second step is to set up places for common content on your website. For instance, have a central place to store faculty profiles (we recommend your Personnel folder). When you list the faculty for a particular program, don't make copies of those profiles: link to them. (And on each faculty profile, make sure you provide links to each program in which that faculty member teaches.)

For trickier situations, our CMS also allows the reuse of content in multiple places. For instance, you could create a block of content with the time and location of an upcoming conference, then include that information on your news posts about the event, the conference program, the registration form, etc. If the time changes, you just change that one content block and the change will appear everywhere.

If you find yourself making multiple copies of the same information, contact the Digital Team and we'll help you find a way to keep your content in one place.