Adding New Content

To add a content item, log in and go to the Workarea. Then navigate to the folder in which you want to add the content item.

  1. Menu for new html contentOn the toolbar on the right side of the Workarea, hover over New and select HTML Content from the drop-down menu. This will open the CMS editor to allow you to create content. The editing window will open fully, and you will no longer see the folder list.
  1. You will then need to complete the following fields:
    1. Title Field: In the title field, located near the top of the screen, enter the title for your new content. The content title is only seen by web maintainers—it never appears on the website (except for uploaded files and news posts). Still, you want it to make sense, so it should probably match the title of the page layout on which it will appear.
    2. Content Tab: The Content tab is the main tab, and you should automatically be on this tab when you open the content for editing. Enter or edit your content here.

After you have finished editing, either Check In the content (which saves your work), or Submit it (which saves it and enters it into workflow so it can be published).

Remember that a content block can only appear on the website after it's been added to a page layout.

The content will appear on the website after it has been reviewed and approved by your site approver and published by the Digital Team. (If you are a site approver, your submissions come directly to the Digital Team.)