Analytics Glossary

  • Definitions of some useful web analytics terms.

    % of New Visits
    The percentage of visits by people who have never been to the site before.
    Absolute Unique Visitors
    The number of people who came to the site.
    All Traffic
    A profile that shows all traffic to, regardless of where the traffic originates.
    Analytics Goal
    A goal that the Web Team has set up within Google Analytics. For instance, one of our goals is for visitors to register for a campus visit. You can see how much your pages contribute to that goal via the goal conversion rate, per visit value, and total goal completion statistics.
    Average Conversion Rate
    A conversion is any event that moves a prospective student closer to applying. The average conversion rate is the percentage of visits that included a conversion. Note that not all conversions can be logged in Google Analytics, so this number is lower than our true conversion rate.
    Average Time on Page
    The average length, in minutes and seconds, of a visit to a particular page.
    Average Time on Site
    The average length, in minutes and seconds, of a visit to the site.
    A single-page visit to the website.
    Bounce Rate
    The percentage of single-page visits.
    External Traffic
    A profile that counts only visits that originate outside of the IUP network.
    Goal Conversion Rate
    Percentage of visitors to a page who complete one of our analytics goals.
    Landing Page
    The page on which a user enters a website. The home page is our most popular landing page, but most visits to our site don’t start at the home page.
    The average number of pageviews in a single visit.
    A single view of a page. Each time someone loads a page into a browser, it counts as one pageview.
    Per Visit Value
    Average “revenue” from a single visit to the website. The formula is Total Revenue/Visits. (This isn’t actual revenue. We assign [somewhat] arbitrary values to various goals; for instance, $1 every time a visitor requests more information.)
    A “profile” is the Google Analytics term for a particular view of a website’s analytics. Your reports use two profiles: an “All Visits” profile that shows all traffic to your site, and an “External Only” profile that show only traffic that originates from outside IUP’s computer network.
    Total Goal Completions
    The number of visits to a page by visitors who also completed one of our analytics goals on the same visit.
    Unique Pageviews
    The number of pageviews, with reloads by the same user during the same visit not counted.
    One visitor visiting the site. All pages visited by a single visitor within a thirty-minute time frame are counted as a single visit. If a visitor leaves the site for more than thirty minutes and then returns, it is logged as an additional visit.